Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Is America?

This election season has me thinking. Yes I do that on occasion. I've been thinking about the direction of america, it's future, and how differently conservatives and liberals view our nation. America was founded on three main principles: faith, freedom, and good old fashioned hard work. Faith is what the earliest settlers leaned on when there wasn't any food left, or disease set in, and without the benefit of modern medicine, the only remedy available was prayer. Freedom meant not living under the rule of King George III, and his confiscatory taxes. Freedom to worship where and how they chose. Hard work - if faith is the cornerstone of America - then hard work is the foundation. Without it, this nation would not be what it is today. Barack Obama and the democratic party have decided to divide america into groups. Rich, poor, white black, straight, gay etc. Turning the ones who, with hard work, and a little luck have realized the American dream, into the enemy. The democrats believe that if a person gets a job, it is a the expense of another, less fortunate person. If someone starts and builds a successful business, it was at the expense of someone else. To me, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the capitalist system. Just because I take a slice of the pie, it doesn't mean the next guy doesn't get any. The pie is the American economy, and it is not a finite thing, it is constantly expanding and contracting, but ultimately it continues to grow. So now with group think in place, a minority or a gay person that misses out on a promotion missed out, not because he or she wasn't as qualified as the one who got it but it's because they where cheated, or discriminated against. And the the only thing that can right this "injustice" is government. The problem is, what the government gives, will never live up the standard the capitalism can give. Government peanut butter and section 8 housing anyone? The funny thing is, I can go up to an Obama supporter who has played organized sports in their lifetime and they believe to their core that if you are going to be successful on the field, you have out work and out train your competition, and if you don't, you will end up on the bench. And if you win the starting job, it's because you were the better man. And they would be insulted if I told them they won that position because of their ethnic make up. But in everyday life, these same, proud people will stand for being talked down to be politicians who tell them they're not capable of making on their own merit. This "soft bigotry", in my opinion,is the most devious kind. because it not only robs people of the present with meager scraps handed out by the government, it also steals their future because it creates a mindset of dependency, crushing all hopes of attaining what this great country has to offer. It does however benefit the democratic party by all but assuring the "dependency vote". Millions of lives and futures sent down the drain, and why? For votes and power. Despicable! The common belief among many on the left is that America will just simply keep on keeping on. That we are so rich we'll never run out of money. Well, the Roman empire lasted about a thousand years. ONE THOUSAND! It took roughly 400 years to build it, then it peaked for 300, and spent the last 400 in decline. And then - it was gone. Just like that. Our nation isn't 250 years old yet and in my opinion, is in the early stages of decline. Conservatives see this. We see that the things that built this country are under assault. I saw today where federal authorities have arrested the guy who made a video about the prophet Muhammad that supposedly angered muslims. ARRESTED HIM!!! Freedom of speech indeed! Hard work is demonized, faith has been under attack (Christian faith that is) for years. When take away all of the elements that made something great - that thing wil cease to be great. It's as simple as that. So if you are contempt to live off of scraps, and you're willing to trade in your dignity for a government cell phone and some cheese, then proudly cast your vote for Barrack Obama. However, if you would like to keep enjoying the benefits of living in the greatest nation this world has ever known, then vote for Mitt Romney. No Mitt Romney's not perfect. But at least he knows what America is.